"I know what it takes to find solutions, navigate the complicated governmental agencies, and get things done."  From high school until now, Ray has committed himself to the community he lives in. The last 14 years he has been committed to making sure seniors, families, retirees, young couples, and students have a quality of life in Carlsbad that is the best in California. When there have been threats to our student’s safety from drug use and potential intruders to our schools, Ray went to work on prevention strategies with the North Coastal Prevention Coalition, upgrading our school security with an additional Carlsbad PD Safety Resource Officer and facilities with the help of the community approving Measure HH that upgraded fencing and single point entry to a campus. 
  • All Carlsbad residents, businesses, visitors, and tourists deserve to be safe and secure.

  • District 3 residents and business will have access to me by my personal phone, text, email and meetings which can be arranged at City Hall Monday - Friday, 9-5PM or at a location closer to home or business.

  • Quarterly chat sessions with Ray at HOA meetings.

  • Focus on community priorities.

  • Insure the complete 5 year economic business plan transparency of the Clean Energy Alliance to each resident.

  • Don't support taxes and San Diego Association of Government 5 big moves.  Support moves which have direct benefits to Carlsbad residents and businesses.

  • Collaborate with neighboring cities, county of San Diego, state legislators on safety, homelessness, traffic, beach erosion, and affordable housing.

  • Don't support a 1% sales tax increase during this inflation period which will affect businesses and families, especially those on fixed incomes, and businesses. Support cutting business expenses first.