Mayor Matt Hall 
2948 Wintergreen Dr. 
Carlsbad, California 92008 


Dear Carlsbad Resident: 

I have been your loyal public servant for the past 38 years, and as I look to retire as your Mayor in December, I want to ensure that the same thinking regarding prudent fiscal spending that made Carlsbad one of the premier cities in the state continues after I leave office. And that is why I am supporting Ray Pearson for City Council for the 3rd District.

I have known Ray for 15 years and I know through his actions as a Member of the Carlsbad Unified School Board Trustees that Ray believes in many of the things that have made Carlsbad's quality of life second to none. 

And the key to this is his laser-focused understanding that the successes we have as a City are because of the way past city councils have built and protected our financial resources and cash reserves. 

During the economic downturn in the late 2000's, while surrounding cities were laying of staff, curtailing emergency services, cutting streetlights, and reducing library and park services, Carlsbad was planning for Alga Norte Swim Park; the Police-Fire Training Center, one of the foremost facilities in the country; and producing concerts in the park. 

We could do that because we were fiscally responsible with your tax funds. We had the money, we spent it prudently, and we saved much of it for a rainy day! 

My greatest fear as I leave office is that a pervasive, free-for-all spending approach with several current councilmembers could easily rob us of the precious reserves we have built and saved over the last 28 years. You don't spend taxpayer money arbitrarily and capriciously. You spend it strategically! 

Ray Pearson knows and understands this, and he has actively demonstrated prudent spending over the past eight years on the Carlsbad School Board. 

An excellent example of what I mean about imprudent spending is last year's action by a majority of the city council, including Ray's opponent, to award a 10-year trash collection contract to the highest bidder. not because their service was superior, but because it included a labor union work force at a cost of $2.3 million more over the ten-year contract period than the competing bidder. That's money paid for by all trash-collection users! That's every resident in the city. And no sooner was this contract inked than the work force with this same company went on strike in Chula Vista, and trash collection in that city ceased for one full month

Today, one of the biggest complaints I get from my constituents is their dissatisfaction with the quality and cost of trash collection provided by this new company. Carlsbad's residents and businesses are accustomed to high quality services from police to fire, from library to parks, from water to sewer services. They want high quality services and they deserve it! 

But because of an insistence by some council members, including Ray's opponent, that more expensive union labor will net better quality services is a fallacy. To date, this has not been the case. 

Ray will continue the fiscal thinking that has built this City by design to what it is today, and has made it such a desirable place to live, work and play.  Ray is committed to Carlsbad. He won't run for a statewide office after only serving for two years on the Council as his opponent did

He is a proven, proactive community leader, who will focus on Carlsbad. He has shown this leadership as a School Board Member, as a member of the Carlsbad Rotary Club, and as chairperson of the Carlsbad Fire Department Foundation, where he is actively leading the effort to raise money to help supply the CFO with ancillary equipment. Children first! Safety first! Carlsbad first! 

If you live in the 3rd Council District, when you cast your vote on November 8th, I urge you to protect what we have today and for generations to come, and support Ray Pearson for Council District 3! 


Matt Hall, Mayor