Growth Management Solutions


I am Ray Pearson, candidate for City Council in the 3rd District.


I am committed to maintaining our quality of life in Carlsbad. Having citizens give the City council the framework for how new growth mandated by the State should proceed is critical to our future. Our state government passed new laws and removed much of our local control. I support local control not state mandated control on our growth. Unfortunately, there are members on our council that support the leadership in Sacramento and have not stood up for Carlsbad. With the increase in growth and the San Diego Association of Governments not providing the needed improvements to move traffic on the 5 and 78 we have to look for our own solutions for bottle necks when driving in high traffic areas like on the intersection of El Camino and Palomar Airport Road. I am committed to reduce congestion and delays. Smart Corridors -Sections of roads features technologies that alert drivers of the upcoming traffic conditions, including any accidents that lie ahead, how long it will take them to reach a particular destination, impending weather events, and other obstacles that could impact driving. Smart corridors keep motorists “in the know” so that they can plan ahead, which in turn can help to ease traffic.

These are just some of how cities can – and are – tackling congested roadways with technology. Studies show that when roundabouts replace stop signs and signals, traffic delays go down at least 20 percent. Roundabouts move traffic through an intersection more quickly and with less congestion on approaching roads. I see a regional traffic approach with neighboring cities of Vista, San Marcos, Oceanside, and Encinitas that coordinate the same traffic management goals. I plan to propose a North County traffic management plan to reduce bottlenecks through each of our communities main throughfares i,e, El Camino, Palomar Airport Road, and Cannon.