Homelessness Solutions


I am Ray Pearson, candidate for City Council in the 3rd District.


We all have experienced varying degrees of homelessness contact. Some on our streets, neighborhoods, parks, and even at our homes. Speaking to residents and businesses in the 3rd Councilmanic District, its clear solving homelessness is one of their biggest concerns. There are a variety of reasons why people experience homelessness. Many people experiencing homeless move from one community to the next.

My position on people experiencing homelessness is tied to engagement, safety, and transparency. We can improve on the 50% reduction in homelessness as set by the current council in 4 years to 50% reduction in homelessness monthly. Meaning, in one year we should strive for achieving a functional zero of homelessness (three or fewer people are experiencing chronic homelessness).

Engagement – defining people experiencing homelessness. Are they veterans, families, individuals with mental health issues, individuals with substance abuse issues, individuals with no mental health issues? Know them by name, which provides real-time insights into everyone experiencing homelessness and build a data base by their name. This enables communities to triage their individual’s needs, understand if their investments and activities are driving people experiencing homelessness down, test and innovate ideas that will move people out of homelessness faster. An agreed data base that is shared between Oceanside, Encinitas, Vista, and San Marcos. All the data available within the limits of the law.

Safety – No more fear for families, seniors, individuals, kids, and businesses, caused by people experiencing homelessness. Review all City policy and ordinances that encourage people to continue to be homeless amend to discourage them from staying in homelessness in Carlsbad. The severe mentally ill people that are danger to themselves, and others are removed from the community and housed in County or County contracted facilities for a minimum of three months. Work with our local legislators and County Supervisors to amend state government policy to allow longer guarded care. Not support voucher programs of homeless in local hotels unless they provide 24/7 security and agencies responsible for the homeless are managing their clients.

Transparency – A monthly count of people experiencing homelessness and verify they are in the by name list. Communicate to the community, an accurate count not the annual County Point in Time Counts which counts people experiencing homelessness on one day of the year for 5 hours or one agency count which differs with the County. The reason being Carlsbad’s people experiencing homelessness change daily as they come in and out of Carlsbad.

Each month we will be able to see if Carlsbad’s homeless population is being reduced. People experiencing homelessness will be treated humanely and be treated out of homelessness. It has been done and can be done in Carlsbad.


For more information, go to https://www.joinbuiltforzero.org/progress/