Crime and Safety Solutions


I am Ray Pearson, candidate for City Council in the 3rd District.


When we consider crime many of us think of larger cities like Los Angeles and San Diego not Carlsbad. Some of us here in Carlsbad and District 3 have experienced firsthand crime committed against a family member, friend, or neighbor. Unfortunately, the experience has been growing in Carlsbad. Crimes committed in 2021 compared to 2020:

     - Violent crimes increased 12%                                  - Burglaries increased 9.5%

     - Thefts increased 9.1%                                                - Car Thefts increased 9.2%

To solve our crime problems, we rely on our own community not state government. My position on reducing crime is supporting our police officers, prevention, transparency, and communication.

Supporting Our Police Officers – Most of the community I speak with support our police officers. There has been a national conversation on defunding police departments. I don’t support defunding our police department and allocating funds to social and community organizations to reduce our crime. What is important is our community are supporters of police officers and all stakeholders work together to prevent and decrease crime. New or veteran police officers wanting to become Carlsbad PD will see a community that is supportive. To retain and recruit new officers to our community I will be advocating for affordable housing incentives for both police officers and fire fighters. Consider incentives and compensation to retain our best officers. According to a research report, “The Effect of Residency Requirements on Police as Capable Guardians,” requiring police officers to live in the cities they serve lowers the rate of calls for police assistance by the residents.  Living in Carlsbad will be an incentive not a requirement.


E-bike Management - Collaborate with school districts, Carlsbad Police Department, city staff, and parents on a comprehensive ebike safety plan for minors.  License underage ebike riders.  Integrate all traffic plans into the Carlsbad 5 Year Strategic Plan.  I am committed to standing up for Carlsbad and North Counties traffic needs at SANDAG.

Prevention – Much has been written on the impact of Proposition 47 passed in 2014 that made various changes relating theft and drug crimes to reclassify from felonies to misdemeanors and reduce jail sentences for those convicted and already serving their sentences. Now is the time to have a coordinated effort between the State Parole Department, County Probation Department, CPD and our city to ensure criminals released because of Proposition 47 on parole or probation in North County are being monitored closely to not commit new crimes. CPD work with neighborhoods that are experiencing burglaries, car thefts and property thefts and alert them immediately. Revitalize Neighborhood Watch throughout Carlsbad and specifically in high crime neighborhoods. Use new technologies within the law to increase surveillance of our community including the use of drones to be an extra set of eyes of the CPD to deter potential crimes.

Transparency and Communication– Provide real time data from CPD on crimes happening daily and in which neighborhoods. What the status of the crime is and where in the judicial system a criminal is at.