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Ray Pearson

for Carlsbad City Council 2022
District 3
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April 29, 2022

SD County Supervisor Jim Desmond Endorses Ray Pearson for Carlsbad City Council District 3

"Ray is committed to Carlsbad. His service over the years shows his dedication and love for his community. This is why I fully support Ray for City Council in the 3rd District. If you want someone who will put Carlsbad first, Ray is your candidate. His commitment  to focusing on keeping Carlsbad safe, whether giving Carlsbad PD the crime fighting tools they need, innovative ways of addressing homelessness and ensuring citizens feel safe, he is up for the task. He will work tirelessly to keep Carlsbad's quality of life residents expect."

April 24, 2o22

Pearson identifies Growth, Homelessness, Traffic & Public Safety as key issues in Carlsbad's future

My primary reasons to serve on the City Council are the city’s increased crime rate (from 2020 to 2021), homelessness and traffic. Why hasn’t my opponent made reducing crime a priority? I am making reducing crime a priority and won't be satisfied until residents and businesses are feeling safe. It’s also important to retain police officers, and collaborate with the district attorney to monitor non-violent offenders released under Prop. 47. The latest crime stats regarding violent crimes (up 12%), burglaries (9.5%), motor vehicle thefts (9.2%) and thefts (9.1%) are of concern and the police need all available tools, along with “reinvigorating” Neighborhood Watch programs and perhaps more license plate readers.